Privacy & The Law

Update: During the test drive of this product, we found this product was not the best approach and the product was never rolled out to managed websites. Read the update.

I could have titled this "The Inconsistency of Online Privacy Law." Unfortunately, that is the problem, we need a clear legal outline that is a matter of steps to follow. However, currently, these laws are all over the place between nations and states, some are so strict they eliminate the possibility of targeted marketing to nonexistent.

Up to this point, we have minimized exposure by simply not collecting any personal or identifiable information aside from form submissions, not using cookies for tracking, and informing clients that they are responsible for a legal review of their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Termageddon, a plugin extension, will soon provide a solution that we will be ready to implement after March 20 to produce documentation covering these laws. The Terms of Service, Privacy Policy pages, and more will be produced by software in which the developers work hand in hand with reputable legal counsel to produce this documentation. The plugin will provide a more solid legal footing where these notices and documentation are required.

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