Re: New reason preventing your pages from being indexed

This update addresses emails everyone has received from Google Search Console regarding "New reason preventing your pages from being indexed." We recently marked the page used to allow subscribers to manage their email subscription to no-index. The reason is that this page only functions if users follow the link in an email from your website to the Manage Email Subscription page on your website. Going to the page in any other way will not load the subscriber information. For this reason, we marked it no-index, which takes that page out of search engines and the sitemap for your website.

Page Management

You may occasionally see these notifications for a variety of reasons. Ideally, it is like this latest round of notifications because of an intentional change. However, when those notifications are because of a technical issue on the page, we also get those notifications and make the necessary changes to resolve the indexing issue. One way to know that it is something intentional is the use of no-index because we use this parameter when a page should be withheld from search engines and the sitemap. In this most recent round of emails, you'll notice the reason stated is:

Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag

That's all for now. Here is some additional reading about the no-index tag.

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