Google Search Console Notices

Why am I getting these notices?

As the end of the year approaches, we are doing many things to prepare for the incoming year and season kickoff. Part of that involves cleaning up Google Search Console.

Throughout the year, as you've made requests to remove pages, add services, or redefine your services, your website has grown and changed. Some links Google crawled eight months ago have moved or do not exist. However, even though they have been removed from the sitemap we provide Google, Google keeps looking for those pages. Google's mysterious algorithm has a timeline of when those links will be removed from the Search Console, and Google will stop looking for them. We are running validations to prompt Google to crawl the pages again to help speed up the process, but the pages Google has not removed from the dashboard still report as not fixed. This will not impact the website or your SEO.

Re: Text & Video Size

Some other notices you get will be about text and video size. These are false positives that self-correct most of the time. What happens is Google Bot crawls your website and sometimes takes a snapshot before the page has fully loaded, and the elements are not aligned before the page is fully loaded. This happens because Google typically crawls late at night when WordPress automatic updates are also taking place, placing quite a load on the server.

To mitigate this, we have turned off automatic updates through WordPress. We will now utilize the update scheduling feature of our management software, allowing us to schedule the updates for early morning instead of late at night when Google is crawling the website. This issue does have the ability to impact SEO because it involves perceived user experience, so it was important for us to mitigate this problem. We'll keep watching to ensure our solution has the desired results.

No Need to Forward Emails

There is no need to forward emails regarding Search Console to us. We maintain Google Search Console regularly and get the exact emails you do. In fact, many of the notices you get through email are because of actions we are taking on Search Console to manage your web presence on Google.

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