BlogVault In, Termageddon Out

BlogVault In - Termageddon Out

Termageddon Out

I looked over Termageddon and another competitor and for now I am going to continue creating basic Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages myself. While I am not an attorney, I care about our website visitors. I found that Termageddon provided very thin and obscure information and that other plugins are overwhelming in their legalese.

There are legal criteria for these terms and policies that include notifying users about the information you are collecting, providing tools to opt-out of information collecting, who has access to the information, and where notices should be placed for visibility.

Because these generator plugins and services are not complex enough to understand what software your website is using or what information is being tracked, the attempt is made to try and cover everything with a few questions and general legal language based on a questionnaire about your website.

Instead of using a generator, I have followed the guidelines with the advantage of knowing exactly what software we use on the websites we manage and what information is being collected. We address the information collected by the website itself and third-party services in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages we create.

As I've said, I'm not an attorney, so I must still suggest you submit these documents to your legal advisor, attorney, or insurance provider if applicable.

BlogVault In

With BlogVault our E-Commerce clients will no longer hear us suggest that they purchase a real-time backup plan because all of our clients now enjoy real-time backups as a default feature of our services. This is on top of the nightly backups provided by WP Engine.

BlogVault also brings us malware and virus scanning for internal security, the second layer of log-in protection on top of the Two Factor plugin we already use, all while WP Engine provides us with external security at the networking and hardware layers, completing a well-rounded security plan.

The best part of this, of course, is for me. I'll be gaining a single dashboard for managing all the websites, which is a feature I lost when we left GoDaddy. But it's cool for you as well that I have a management dashboard again because it will begin automatically sending monthly maintenance reports to you beginning 05/01/2022.

Other Progress


Statcounter is now another premium service that is a default part of our services. Statcounter does as the name implies, it collects statistics from your website usage. Like Google Analytics but without riding right up to the very edge of what is legal. Statcounter is GDPR and CCPA compliant. You should have received contact about signing in to this service. Please contact us if you have any questions about this new service.


Our next and final upgrade to our services for this year is moving our email over to Greatmail from Rackspace, which will take place next month at the end of May 2022. We will keep the Rackspace email accounts live for an additional 30 days so you can recover any emails or information you may need before we close our account with Rackspace at the end of June 2022.

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