Third-Party Services

Your website and email are going to need some commercial computer space to run on so the world can always access your website and you can always access your email. This is where hosting companies come in. We use Godaddy for WordPress hosting and Rackspace for email hosting.

You're also going to want to know how well your website is liked by other platforms and their users. We make use of tools provided by some big names on the web to ensure your website is well liked by other websites and their users, like Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters tools. You have access to these same tools and we'll introduce you to them so you're never in the dark. Let's go over all of it.

Hosting, Performance Monitoring & APIs


Godaddy has a lot of tools you can use for DIY, but they also have tools to help you manage a multitude of websites, which is why we use Godaddy's Managed WordPress hosting. Except we get a lower rate for volume and you get a savings that is now reinvested in your web presence. Because that's how we roll.

We also use Godaddy because when you register your domain with Godaddy you can delegate access to us to manage your domain, like if you or we decide to change email providers. Furthermore, it gives us the ability to solve problems without needing to schedule a meeting and without needing to have your user name and password.


Rackspace offers their own version of business email. Each website gets an accompanying branded email that is covered under the base price. You can add or remove accounts by simply contacting us with the details. You also have your choice between standard email or Email Plus which includes cloud sheets and word processing documents, and cloud storage.


We use three different Google services to help us manage your business's web presence. This helps us gather data about SEO, prevent spam, and even provide direction to your place of business to your customers.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides a way to see exactly how your website is performing on Google's search engine but it also provides helpful diagnostic information about your website, like errors loading pages, broken links and more. We set up Google Search Console using our Google accounts and provide clients full access to this data, so you don't have to take our word for it, you can see how your investment is going for yourself.

Google Maps

Google provides a few tools that we make use of. We use Google maps on your Contact Us page. This feature is built into the software we use and we acquire and provide the API keys to enable this functionality.

Google reCaptcha

The Google reCaptcha API keys we acquire and provide enables advanced spam protection on the forms we build into your website. This prevents a lot of spam.


Bing webmaster tools has recently undergone a facelift in the form of a new beta version which we are really excited about. The new version features a much more attractive interface and provides us the same great data Search Console does, but for now it lacks any other advanced tools like Search Console does. We will provide client access to Bing Webmaster tools as soon as the ability to do so is added to the platform.


Facebook has two main areas we deal with. With one of Facebook's services helping us to manage your Facebook page for your business, and the other to provide interoperability between Facebook and your website.

Facebook Business

We manage your page through the Facebook Business dashboard, which allows clients to grant us Agency access to your page without needing to keep any of your sign in information for Facebook. Facebook Business also lets us see different aspects of how your brand, both page and website are being engaged with by Facebook users.

Facebook Developers

Facebook Developers provides the Facebook App Id that your website needs to validate Facebook Open Graph data from your website. Without this Id, the pages your share from your website will produce an error which can be recreated by testing the web address with the Facebook Debugging Tool. We don't like nasty errors and we want your website to play well with others, so we provide the required Facebook App Id from our Facebook Developers account.

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