Third-Party Services

Your website and email are going to need some commercial computer space to run on so the world can always access your website and you can always access your email. This is where hosting companies come in. We use Godaddy for WordPress hosting and Rackspace for email hosting.

Website & Email Hosting


Godaddy has a lot of tools you can use for DIY, but they also have tools to help you manage a multitude of websites, which is why we use Godaddy's Managed WordPress hosting. Except we get a lower rate for volume and you get a savings that is now reinvested in your web presence. Because that's how we roll.

We also use Godaddy because when you register your domain with Godaddy you can delegate access to us to manage your domain, like if you or we decide to change email providers. Furthermore, it gives us the ability to solve problems without needing to schedule a meeting and without needing to have your user name and password.


Rackspace offers their own version of business email. Each website gets an accompanying branded email that is covered under the base price. You can add or remove accounts by simply contacting us with the details. You also have your choice between standard email or Email Plus which includes cloud sheets and word processing documents, and cloud storage.

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