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Website Security & SEO In 2018

Just a little heads up on what we are we are wrapping up this month. Website security and technical changes to our SEO services have been our focus since the end of last year. Google has made major changes that we addressed in our last blog post, Google Algorithm Update & 2018 SEO Strategy. We also talked about a lot of other technical leaps we were preparing for. Those new technologies are currently being implemented across all of the […]

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Google Algorithm Update & 2018 SEO Strategy - Featured Image

Google Algorithm Update & 2018 SEO Strategy

We said earlier in December 2017 that we were going to post once a week until the end of January 2018. We decided to do this because a lot of our client’s competitors seemed to be making some upward movement that was causing our clients some position decreases, and we wanted to bolster our SEO efforts ahead of the new year. Google Algorithm Update Of course, we want to be ready for the season, so posting once […]

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SEO & Website Performance Reports

We want to go over how you can measure the performance of your business’s website and other online assets. This helps to understand the overall performance of your business’s web presence. It also helps us to steer the direction of our SEO strategies. To clearly understand these metrics, we first need to look at these assets individually while understanding how they work together. We’re going to break this down by asset type, then discuss the […]

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Websites & SEO For Local Businesses (Only 4 Openings)

We are only accepting 4 more websites, and while there are many SEO companies, there are none like Gap Creek Media. We provide Website Design & Development, Website Management, Content Marketing, Social Networking, and Search Engine Optimization. However, we provide all of these services as professionals that are dedicated to our clients; additionally providing one-on-one, face-to-face, and on-call service. We live and work right here in Fort Walton Beach, serving the Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida, […]

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Tracking Conversions With Google Analytics - Featured Image

Tracking Conversions With Google Analytics

We are bringing a lot of improvements to our services over the summer. One of the improvements we recently made to our service was to begin tracking conversion performance by using Google Analytics Javascript API to track the click events on Click-To-Call, Click-To-Book, and other Call-To-Action buttons. This allows us to track the flow of website visitors from the pages they come in on, through the website and finally to the point of conversion. We can […]

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SEO, Citation, SSLs, Hosting & Our New Pricing - Featured Image

SEO, Citation, SSLs, Hosting & Our New Pricing

Nobody wants to see prices going up. I know this can cause some concern for clients, and that causes us concern as well because we know that concerned clients might not stay. So this isn’t something we take lightly. The consideration to increase spending in order to achieve our goals has been ongoing while we have examined some critical SEO problems and possible solutions. While our current approach has produced results for our clients, we can […]

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