Pricing - Onboarding

Website & Email

Starting at $800, you can leverage the same technology used by the most popular and successful brands to compete in today's online world. Onboarding starts by installing a new WordPress website on our Managed WordPress hosting by Godaddy and getting you signed in to your new branded Rackspace email.

We get your website started with a customary home page that includes 400 words, a product or service page with an additional 400 words, and two optimized images to feature on each. Also included is a contact page with a contact form, click-to-call phone number buttons, an embedded map, clickable address links to Google Maps and Bing Maps so customers can find your business, and a table displaying your hours of operation.

Design + Develop + Integrate

We'll also connect your online business listings and social network accounts with our management platforms, so we can collaborate with you and your staff, monitor for user suggested NAP changes, and to complete any work you request.

The process of migrating your web presence management to our services or starting your web presence with us can take anywhere from two to four weeks, and require quite a bit from you in terms of questions about your business, products, and services, including requests for any images or video you may have.

You can get started now by having a look at the Google Fonts you'll be able to choose from and maybe read this bit of advice about fonts, and check out COLOURlovers for some great color pallets if you don't already have colors chosen for your brand.

Pricing - Onboarding 2

Onboarding starts at just $800

Contact us to see how we can help you grow your web presence.

Onboarding starts at just $800

Contact us to see how we can help you grow your web presence.
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