New WordPress Website

Onboarding starts with a new WordPress website hosted on a Google Cloud Virtual Machine. Next, we create an easy-to-navigate and bold home page that includes 400 words, a product or service page with an additional 400 words, an optimized image to feature on each, a contact page with a contact form, click-to-call phone number buttons, and an embedded map. In addition, we include clickable address links to Google Maps and Bing Maps and a table displaying your hours of operation. We also provide a Technical Support page for your website visitors to get help using the website, report bugs, or submit requests regarding personal information.

The website build can take two to four weeks and requires information about your business, products, services, and images, including logos and color pallets for your brand. Clients with an existing website will be required to go through the onboarding process so that the website is compliant with our list of Third-Party Services. In addition, if the existing website copy (text) fails grammar and spelling checks, we will apply your word credit to editing your existing text.

Business Listings & Social Media

Some companies that provide similar services to ours will set up social networks and business listing accounts for your business, but in their name. When you leave their service, you might find it a hassle in taking over ownership of these accounts and in some instances the service may not allow transferring ownership of an account.

Instead, we work with you and provide technical assistance throughout the process while you take ownership of existing online social media and business listing accounts or simply walk you through the process of creating your new accounts. We'll also consult with you about which social networks and business listing types work best for your type of business, and help you understand best practices.

Once all of that is done, we'll connect your online business listings, maps, and social network accounts with our management dashboards for those services, so we can collaborate with you and your staff, monitor for user-suggested NAP changes, and complete any work you request.

Branded Email

We provide Rackspace email using your domain name so you maintain brand consistency across all your materials, from online to print. If you have a busy private life, keeping your email separate is what you need. A single email account is free with monthly services, but you can add additional email boxes by contacting us and letting us know.

We are transparent about our provider, and the cost for additional email boxes is priced according to our provider's pricing scale. In addition, administration and support for this service are in our monthly Access pricing.