The Great Revamp of 2022

Over the next few months, we plan to adopt services and technologies that we have been keeping an eye on since shortly after we began our journey. We have already taken advantage of advancements made by the software vendors that we already work with, such as new features from SiteOrigin that allow us to create an entirely different layout for individual page sections for mobile and desktop devices. We also added visual enhancements such as drop shadows on images, navigation bars, buttons, font improvements for readability, and a less cluttered footer.

Big Changes Ahead

This blog post will precede five more blog posts that have to do directly with an ongoing upgrade to our services. These changes will be sweeping as they include the replacement of our current website statistics plugin, changes to hosting and website security, two-factor authentication, email, and better Terms of Service and Privacy policy pages. The timeline for these changes is between the time thig blog post is published and March 20.

We are not changing pricing for existing websites, nor are we changing line-item prices for content. We will, however, be increasing our standard monthly fee for all new websites from the date of this blog post to $100 per month. Again, any website you have had with us before the date of this blog post will not experience any change in pricing.

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