Email Upgrade

Update: Due to planned improvements with Rackspace Cloud Office products the decision was made to stay with Rackspace email and cloud services.

We recently upgraded all email accounts from Rackspace Email to Rackspace Email Plus, which allows our clients to use ActiveSync to access their accounts. We did this because some clients had issues adding the email to their device(s) otherwise. This service has the additional benefit of allowing clients to synchronize contacts and calendars on top of email services.

Currently, clients also have access to cloud storage and documents, which is where we begin talking upgrade. Unfortunately, the online documents part of Rackspace's email service is unreliable, and the files often become corrupted to the point they cannot be opened, edited, or viewed.


We are moving to Greatmail because we want to keep in place for our clients the Email, Contacts, and Calendars portion of the service, but between Google and Microsoft, everyone is already awash in online documents and storage. In addition, the price for Greatmail is comparable to what we already pay for Rackspace, so we have decided to move to a platform that specializes in email.

We are expecting the change to take place around March 20. We will notify you before, and after the change so you can update your devices. We will also leave Rackspace up alongside Greatmail for 30 days so you can still log in and retrieve any important emails when you have time.

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