Scope of Services

Web Presence Management

Access includes hosting and managing your WordPress website and management of supporting Third-Party Services.

Monthly Access clients are provided with hosted, managed, and supported email services. We also provide DNS management to support alternative email solutions.

NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number, and Hours of Operation) monitoring and management for map listings, online business listings, and social media accounts are a standard part of monthly Access.

Content & Publishing

We provide copy (text) alongside our website management services as the first part of our content marketing strategy. Clients are afforded one new page or blog post each month, including 400 words of copy (text) and two optimized images. Based on keyword strategies built from research and search engine tools, distributed using social media platforms, content marketing strengthens your SEO while engaging consumers and increasing brand awareness.

See our Pricing page for information about line-item pricing or estimate adjustments to your monthly plan.


We offer our services because building an online presence for your business isn't easy, and we love helping small businesses reach their goals. In addition, we want to share our knowledge of internet technologies with you, your employees, and representatives of your business so that you can better understand all areas of your online presence.

Our consulting helps make staffing expenditures more efficient by capitalizing on employee downtime to create new blog posts, optimize and upload images, and update product or service information.

Feel free to share our contact information with the appropriate personnel so they can contact us directly.

SEM & PPC Support

As a standard feature of our monthly Web Presence Management services, we can work with your advertising manager or team on integrating the required technologies to accommodate your SEM and PPC campaigns. We do not offer management of SEM or PPC platforms. Still, we understand that your goals may involve more than our services, so we openly welcome advertising managers or teams to work with us to grow businesses and strengthen brands.

If you specialize in managing SEM and PPC platforms and feel like our service is a good fit for a client or that we might complement your services, feel free to contact us.