Hosting & Security

Update: We have since moved our hosting to Google Cloud. Read the update. We addressed improved security in a separate blog post. Read the update.

We are moving from GoDaddy hosting to WP Engine Secure WordPress Hosting on a dedicated server. Having a dedicated server means that your website will not share computer hardware space with other websites as it does now. Instead, we will have dedicated resources, and as a result, your website will not experience a slowdown due to the resource usage of your neighbors.

We have been using GoDaddy shared hosting since we began, from cPanel, then upgraded to GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting. Unfortunately, even the new Managed WordPress Hosting is still not as reliable as we want and performs poorly on speed tests compared to more advanced hosting solutions. So, it's time to fix that.

This move will not require you to leave GoDaddy, nor is there any reason for you to do so. GoDaddy still has a great domain and DNS management platform and Delegated Access so that we can edit your DNS records without requiring you to share your sign-in information, which is excellent for us and better security for you.

WP Engine

WP Engine provides hosting designed for WordPress, performs much faster, and has built-in security. In addition, a dedicated server will reduce or eliminate uptime hiccups that have been resulting in the Indexing Errors that you receive in your email from Google Search Console. Those Google Search Console index error emails get sent when Google's Bot(s) decide to snapshot the page, and it hasn't fully rendered because GoDaddy servers are responding slowly. No more of that!

The move will improve user experience and SEO performance, make your site(s) more secure, and eliminate the need to keep changing IP addresses in the DNS records as GoDaddy has a very strange habit of requiring.

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