New Website Analytics

The liability landscape for privacy and tracking has been unstable for a while now and will continue to be for some time. As a result, we have had a zero-collection policy for anything that could be identifiable or personal information and have strong notification and agreement protections in place for form submissions. Unfortunately, this left us ditching Google Analytics, and since then, we have been using a plugin with less capability, WP-Statistics. However, that is about to change.


StatCounter is more of a statistical plugin than one of analytics, but that's a bit of splitting hairs. The important thing is that StatCounter is sensitive to these legal issues rather than rebellious and riding the edge of what is legal, as many big tech brands are doing right now. They are much more transparent about what they are collecting, its use, storage, and what responsibilities the product user has, including providing language to be added to your Privacy Policy. This plugin is already installed on your website to replace the WP-Statistics, but we will not activate it until March 20.

One of the best features of this service is that you will now be able to see your stats right on your device by using the StatCounter App. The App is available on Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

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