Notices About Resource Limits Likely Caused by Installatron

Resource Activity Graphs

For several months now we have been dealing with client websites going down late at night and very early in the morning. At least once a week, many of our client websites have been going down for 1-3 minutes on average. These notifications can be scary for clients. It also the potential to disrupt SEO if any of the search engines try to crawl a downed website. After several months of calling tech support and trouble tickets that got nowhere, I seem to have finally found to someone at Godaddy that placed results ahead of office politics and informed me that the backup routines that Installatron runs at night may be the cause.

Enter Installatron

Installatron is an application in the Godaddy cPanel hosting bundle. We use this application to install and maintenance WordPress websites. When Installatron attempts to create a backup and the site crashes it leaves no records, leaving us without a way to ascertain whether or not this was truly the problem. I decided to test this hypothesis by turning off the updates and backups for Installatron. This eliminated any automated processes and any usage of hosting resources. After nearly a week, we have no down time reported for any of the websites that were having this issue.

Moving to ManageWP

We haven’t dropped the backup part of our service. In a future blog post we will get in to the details of this service. For now we want to let our clients know that we are still creating regular backups of their websites but we are doing it with another platform that uses off-site processing and storage, meaning cPanel resources will no longer be tasked with updates and backups.

There is much more we want to cover about our transition to ManageWP. This platform provides us with a lot of tools beyond backups, like security, SEO tools, client reports, and more. We will cover all of these topics in a future blog post.

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