SEO & Website Performance Reports

We want to go over how you can measure the performance of your business’s website and other online assets. This helps to understand the overall performance of your business’s web presence. It also helps us to steer the direction of our SEO strategies. To clearly understand these metrics, we first need to look at these assets individually while understanding how they work together. We’re going to break this down by asset type, then discuss the tools used to review individual asset performance by each platform.

Accessing these reports requires that you have access to all of your social network assets and that we have an accurate Gmail and Outlook or Hotmail account information. Please contact us if you need help accessing any of your online assets.

SEO Performance

SEO covers two of the three points of our service, those being the website and search engines. It also affects ranking on some business listing services, as well as search results on some social networks. It is important to understand that ranking number one for a particular keyword is not the most important thing about SEO. It’s not even our primary goal. Ranking in the top spots comes naturally as the overall SEO strategy produces increased relevance and interest to end users.

Our primary goal with SEO is to ensure that consumers see your website in search when they are looking for the products and services your business offers. Conversions will only be a percentage of total website traffic. It will depend on the relevance of your products and services to the consumer’s interest. Our goal is to increase online visibility across the spectrum of search phrases. Broadening your overall exposure increases the odds of conversions through an array of search queries. This is more effective than focusing on top rank for one or two narrowly focused keywords.

Website Performance

Website performance is the culmination of a business’s overall web presence performance, from search engine clicks to traffic generated by content marketing and social networks. For measuring website data, we use Google Analytics which is covered in more detail below and included in your Google Data Studio Report.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is still in the development stage but we have jumped on the Beta version of this to begin providing a summary of both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console). These reports will show the total number of unique visitors, page views, and events from your website. The events we track specifically are click-to-call, booking, or similar conversion metrics. It will also let you see how many visitors came from each social network and search engine. Furthermore, it shows the keyword phrases that your business’s website is performing well for and which are generating clicks. This is a great way to see a snapshot of how our SEO strategy is impacting our business directly.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an online service provided by Google to help webmasters measure the interactions between website visitors and the website. This includes information such as which pages are being viewed and how long each page is viewed. These reports also include information about where your visitors are coming from on the web and even geographic information about the visitors to your website. From this, we can see how much traffic comes from each search engine, social network, and other services. We can also see the number of clicks on buttons like click-to-call, booking, or other points of conversions.

The flowcharts in Google Analytics shows which pages visitors enter the website on and where they go after landing. Our goal for each visitor is for them to take action that leads to a conversion. We use this data to see what content generates the most interest and which pages have the highest drop-off rates so we can refine the website for better retention and conversion, increasing the conversion efficiency of the website.

A summary of this is included in our Google Data Studio reports.

Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console)

Google Webmaster Tools, also known as Search Console, is a service provided by Google that allows webmasters to see data about websites on Google’s search index. This data includes information about when Google crawls each website, how many pages are indexed, and provides guidance. The data also includes information about each website’s performance on Google’s search index.

When a user on Google performs a search, Google decides how to display the results at that moment based on a variety of factors. These factors range from the type of device, location, previous actions on Google searches, and many more variables. For this reason, it isn’t sufficient to perform a search on your device and view that result as a fixed assessment of your website’s performance in search. This is because each search result is unique. Google Search Console is the only reliable way to ascertain your website’s organic search performance.

A summary of this is included in our Google Data Studio reports.

Google Business

Google Business provides data specific to business listing performance on Google. Local listing results are based on a lot of factors, including but not limited to business profile completeness, linked website, images, reviews, and responsiveness. Google displays business results toward the top of most search results, so this is a top priority for local businesses.

Users may choose to click through to the website, ask Google for directions, or click-to-call right from the listing. You can see this data by going to the Insights portion of the business listing dashboard on Google.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is the only way to accurately ascertain the performance of a website on Bing search. Much like Google and other search engines, Bing provides personalized results. Simply performing a search on Bing won’t be an accurate representation of ranking or any other factor. Like Google, Bing determines how to output results based on factors like browsing history, actions in search results, device type, location, and more.

Bing Places for Business


Bing Places for Business insights provide information about the number of times your listing has been displayed, the number of resulting clicks, and what type of action was taken by the user. Bing’s business listings are not as robust as Google Business listings, but it’s still relevant. Microsoft is undergoing a lot of changes and we can expect many improvements to Bing in the near future. You can check out the Bing Blog to find out more.

Social Media Insights & Analytics

A website is the hub of a business’s web presence. We deliver content to consumers on social networks to facilitate direct conversions, expand brand awareness and increase social engagement. Converting from social networks can be a click on the click-to-call button on the websites or pages. Social networking sites have their own insights and analytic services for users, page owners, and businesses. Social interactions with pages and websites show relevance which is important for SEO.

We work with the social networks that we feel will yield the most benefit for each client. If you would like us to work more on a particular social network after looking at the statistics, feel free to contact us for a meeting to discuss strategy changes.

Facebook & Instagram Insights

Many of you may already be familiar with Facebook Insights. This is where we keep track of the blog posts and other content we share from websites. We use this data to find out which blog posts have the most appeal. Then we refine more of the content we produce to follow these social signals. Facebook is our primary focus for content marketing so Facebook Insights are highly relevant in comparison to the other social networks.

Facebook does not have a universal link to their insights. You can find your Facebook Insights by going to your page and selecting Insights from the navigation toward the top of the page.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics can help us define strategies for their network. This particular social network is great for building a following and making sales based on images and visual appeal. The visual nature of this network is even more pertinent for clients with a Shopify website because of Pinterest’s Buyable Pins.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is great for clients that stay connected with their followers and take advantage of this high pace social network. This social network has a follow-for-follow atmosphere. It’s a great way to connect with a large volume of consumers and businesses with little effort.

Your Website Development & SEO Team Is On Call

We are always available to our clients. If you would like to learn more about the information in this blog post or want to become more familiar with the tools we’ve discussed, please contact us for a meeting at your convenience.

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