Websites & SEO For Local Businesses (Only 4 Openings)

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We are only accepting 4 more websites, and while there are many SEO companies, there are none like Gap Creek Media. We provide Website Design & Development, Website Management, Content Marketing, Social Networking, and Search Engine Optimization. However, we provide all of these services as professionals that are dedicated to our clients; additionally providing one-on-one, face-to-face, and on-call service.

We live and work right here in Fort Walton Beach, serving the Emerald Coast of Northwest Florida, from Pensacola to Panama City, and everywhere between. As locals, we care about the quality of service we provide because we care about our community.

Website Design & Development

We start by offering you a website with really low entry level pricing so you can get on the web affordably and fast. We build websites with SEO in mind from the beginning, so your website is ready for what comes next, marketing your products and services through social media and search engines.

Starting @ $400

Learn more about our Web Design & Development services.

Web Presence Management

Web presence management is the process of establishing and maintaining a digital footprint on the web. The three factors that are considered include the following: where a person or business has web presence; how each web presence represents its enterprise; and what is published at a point of presence.

– Wikipedia

We provide comprehensive Web Presence Management services that are designed specifically for local and small businesses. Our strategies evolve over time to stay ahead of changes on the internet so that our clients experience continuous and reliable gains in online brand exposure and conversions.

Monthly @ $175

Learn more about our Web Presence Management services.

Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of our Web Presence Management services so you can get a closer look at what we offer.

Content Marketing

We use WordPress and Shopify for our content management systems. Both of these platforms provide blogging capabilities. We utilize these tools to publish unique and original content, then distribute new content over social networks. Social Networks are our primary focus for content marketing distribution.

This approach does two things. It provides rich marketing opportunities and builds on the SEO equity of your website over time. That means we are covering both immediate conversions and long-term growth in a single strategy.  This approach is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for businesses, ever!

Learn about our Content Marketing services.

Social Networking

We reach out to consumers on social networks to achieve a variety of goals. Some services allow for more direct conversions, while others work better for expanding general brand awareness. Each social network also offers unique opportunities for paid advertising that expand the reach of your products and services.

Integrating social networking opens the door to building relationships with consumers, which in turn fosters brand loyalty. Engaged and satisfied consumers that believe in the products and services they use will often recommend your brand to their friends and family, turning social networking into a form of free advertising.

Learn more about our Social Networking services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everything we do builds SEO. SEO is the practice of improving the search engine rank for websites and online assets. Good SEO takes time because it depends on creating real value for consumers and the end user. Google, Bing, and Yahoo work diligently to defeat SEO gimmicks in order to provide their users with relevant search results. By not engaging in questionable strategies and simply playing by the rules, we build long term reliable SEO results.

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Time To Convert

This is the part of a blog post where we drive home the value of our services and invite you to take action. We’ve provided you with information that describes our services. From here you can continue browsing our website, follow up by reading the links provided in this post, or contact us to make an appointment.

Leverage our expertise and start getting your products and services out to consumers through marketing strategies, just like this. Keep in mind, we only have 4 openings, so call us soon to secure your spot.

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