Web Presence Management

Web Presence Management

You could spend years learning how to effectively manage your business's web presence, and that's after you figure out that do-it-yourself website service you paid for, but why would you? We provide the affordability and performance that your business can leverage to benefit your brand and business. Web Presence Management by Gap Creek Media will give your business the competitive edge you're looking for.

Managing a website is a time consuming but critical part of your business's web presence. Furthermore, out of date information can cost you in search ranking and creates the potential for dissatisfied site visitors. You can learn more about this service by going to our Website Management page.

Content Marketing

WordPress provides publishing tools that are perfect for creating new and original content. We use that content to generate interest in your business and draw consumers to your website. By optimizing every bit of content we produce, we also maximize the Search Engine Optimization of your website, which leads to better ranking, and helps to grow brand recognition through Social Networks. This is the most visible part or our Web Presence Management services. You can learn more about this service by going to our Content Marketing page.

Social Media Management

Social networking is a must for businesses that want to succeed on the internet. By integrating social networks into the website and taking advantage of direct access to consumers, we expand brand awareness for your business, generate inbound traffic, and set the stage for conversions. You can learn more about this service by going to our Social Networking page.

Search Engine Optimization

All of the services we provide begin and end with SEO. We optimize your website and keep it optimized. Watch as your business climbs to a better ranking and position in search results. If you've ever engaged in Pay Per Click campaigns, you know that the ROI can have you scratching your head about what you're really paying for. Good SEO places your business in front of consumers when they're ready to spend money on your services or products. You can learn more about this service by going to our SEO page.

Fully Manged Web Presence

$175 per month

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