Web Presence Management & Monitoring

Our Web Presence Management & Monitoring service is billed monthly and includes everything you need to get serious about your web presence and SEO. From additional software that speeds up your websites load times to data types that improve SEO and more, this package is where you start when you are serious about capturing online opportunities for your business. Keep reading to learn more about what we offer with this service.

Third Party Software


Akismet is another plugin from Automatic. This software in particular though is all about fighting spam and added security. Comment spam is a common problem on the web where the comment sections of your website, like comments on blog posts, are used by shady marketers to market their products without permission on websites throughout the web. You can see the conflict of interest here, I'm certain. To fight this and form spam, we use Akismet. Check out the Akismet website for more information.


Imagify is a plugin that helps us optimize images so they load faster, without degrading the quality. Combined with the Jetpack CDN and WP Rocket's cashing, this maximized the performance of images on your website. This is another plugin the we provide for our monthly Web Presence Management & Monitoring service. Check out the Imagify website to learn more about this plugin.


SEOPress helps us to refine content in a way that is Search Engine friendly, helping to build strong SEO for your web presence. SEOPress provides structured data as well, which includes Local Business schema and structured data for social networks to help us control how your website looks on social network posts and shares. See the SEOPress website to learn more about this product.

Software As A Service (SAAS)


Google has a lot to offer on the web, including information about your website's performance and how your online assets are performing on their Search Engine. They also offer a lot of services outside of online search, such as reCaptcha. Below, we cover a little more about how we make use of each of these services for clients.

- Search Console

Search Console allows us to see how your online assets are performing in Google's Search Engine. We can learn about the search phrases that consumers are using to find your business, and what search phrases we need to target for better ranking. Search Console also gives us data on the technical aspects of web development that Google prioritizes, which helps guide our SEO strategy for each client.

- reCaptcha

Google reCaptcha provides an added layer of spam protection to contact forms by requiring human interaction, which eliminates the ability of automated spam bots to submit forms. This services also requires API keys which we provide and manage.


We utilize Bing Webmaster tools to see how your website is performing, the key phrases your website ranks well for and the key phrases we should target for ranking improvements.

Protocols, Standards & Technology

Structured Data


Accelerated Mobile Pages


Online Business Listings

Google Business

Google Business is one of the most important aspects of a business's web presence and is the first things mobile users see when searching for a local business. Getting your business listing to rank well involves a lot of the same practices involved in improving your website's ranking. We co-manage this service with our clients and provide consultation on best practices.


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Yelp provides an online business directory and paid to advertise on their platform. Though we don't recommend their paid advertising at this time, we do keep tabs on opportunities from Yelp because they continue to evolve and so do their products.

Social Networking


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