Managed WordPress Hosting

We utilize services provided by some of the biggest names on the internet for our hosting plans, which cover hosting, regular maintenance, and email. Pricing for this service is based on a combination of our cost for these services and our fees for managing them. Our Managed WordPress Hosting is perfect for businesses and professionals that are looking for a powerful web presence, without needing to become an IT expert to get it.

This service is included with Web Presence Management & Monitoring


Godaddy provides the computer hardware services necessary to host a website, called a "Server". Specifically, Godaddy offers a platform designed for the particular CMS we use, WordPress. Godaddy's manages the parts of the server software that support WordPress websites, including security. When it comes to hosting, Godaddy is one of the most reputable names in the industry. See the Godaddy website to learn more.


ManageWP is a management utility for managing multiple WordPress websites. One of the many benefits of the ManageWP service is automation. Things like Security Scans, Uptime Monitoring, Performance Measuring, SEO Monitoring can all be configured to run automatically on a schedule, with minor intervention required. ManageWP also provides clients with reports on a regular basis so they can stay informed about the health of their website. Check out the ManageWP website to see how this works.

Spam Protection

Akismet is another plugin from Automatic. This software in particular though is all about fighting spam and added security. Comment spam is a common problem on the web where the comment sections of your website, like comments on blog posts, are used by shady marketers to market their products without permission on websites throughout the web. You can see the conflict of interest here, I'm certain. To fight this and form spam, we use Akismet. Check out the Akismet website for more information.

Image Optimization

Imagify is a plugin that helps us optimize images so they load faster, without degrading the quality. Combined with the Jetpack CDN and WP Rocket's cashing, this maximized the performance of images on your website. This is another plugin the we provide for our monthly Web Presence Management & Monitoring service. Check out the Imagify website to learn more about this plugin.

Search Engine Optimization

SEOPress helps us to refine content in a way that is Search Engine friendly, helping to build strong SEO for your web presence. SEOPress provides structured data as well, which includes Local Business schema and structured data for social networks to help us control how your website looks on social network posts and shares. See the SEOPress website to learn more about this product.

Themes, Page Builder & Custom CSS

SiteOrigin Premium is the backbone of our website design management. When you have your website built with us and pay for monthly service, we'll cover your annual cost for SiteOrigin Premium on our developer plan. Just one more thing we do to ensure the best and easiest Web Presence Management service you will find. Check out the SiteOrigin website to learn more.

Business Email

Clients that pay for monthly hosting are entitled to a free default email address hosted on Rackspace. Rackspace is a leader in a variety of online services, one of which is hosted email. Rackspace Email and Rackspace Email Plus are the perfect companion services for your WordPress website. This fully managed email solution is easier to use than Gmail or Outlook Online, cost less than Office 365 and Google Apps, and works online or with your favorite mail client such as Thunderbird or Outlook for Microsoft. Rackspace Email Plus adds Document and Spreadsheet applications and Cloud Storage. Rackspace also offers email archiving. The first mailbox is on us, after that, additional boxes will be billed at cost. For more information, see the Rackspace website.

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