Tracking Conversions With Google Analytics

Tracking Conversions With Google Analytics - Featured Image

We are bringing a lot of improvements to our services over the summer. One of the improvements we recently made to our service was to begin tracking conversion performance by using Google Analytics Javascript API to track the click events on Click-To-Call, Click-To-Book, and other Call-To-Action buttons.

This allows us to track the flow of website visitors from the pages they come in on, through the website and finally to the point of conversion. We can also use the information in combination with information from other platforms like Google Business, Bing Business, and Facebook to get a comprehensive look at performance.

Google Analytics

We're Tracking Clicks - Google Analytics - Event Flow

This graph shows events from within the first few days that we began tracking on a website in our portfolio. Here we can see the number of website visitors that went directly to the online booking. Furthermore, we can see that some visitors made a call before continuing to online booking.

Content Marketing Performance

Our content marketing service utilizes a combination of blogging and social networking. Once we publish a blog post, we then distribute the post through social networking. Now we can track conversions by placing Click-To-Call and Click-To-Book buttons directly in the blog posts. We can see how each point of exposure is performing by looking at which websites the traffic is coming from.

Accessing Google Analytics

You can check the performance of click events on your website(s) by simply signing into Google Analytics. Since this is a Google product, you will need a Google account to sign in. If you sign in and there is no data, please contact us and we will resolve the issue immediately.

We request that you contact us ASAP if you have not provided us with a Gmail address. Google requires a valid Gmail address for granting permission to Google products, such as Google Analytics, Search Console, and Google Business if applicable.

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