Software List

We invest in the developer licenses for premium hand-picked software to run on your WordPress website, meaning we pay less to give you more. The software we have selected for your website build is a collection of themes and plugins with fast load times and excellent SEO performance. The drag and drop page builder by SiteOrigin means we can teach your staff to manage your website's content, saving you even more money.

The software on this list is required as part of our service. This software has been thoroughly tested by us and weighed against comparable software. We weigh factors for our software selection such as its rating, a proven track record of responding in a timely manner to bug reports, the software being updated regularly, and that the authors have an existing commercial interest in the software.

The Privacy Policy that we provide for your website does not take into account software that is not on this list. Installing software that is not on this list may require a new Privacy Policy and legal review. We reserve the right to refuse installation of any theme, plugin, add-on, code, or script as we see fit and for any reason. We also reserve the right to refuse to upload or download any file as we see fit and for any reason.>

Proven Performance & Reliability

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