Tracking Conversions With Google Analytics - Featured Image

Tracking Conversions With Google Analytics

We are bringing a lot of improvements to our services over the summer. One of the improvements we recently made to our service was to begin tracking conversion performance by using Google Analytics Javascript API to track the click events on Click-To-Call, Click-To-Book, and other Call-To-Action buttons. This allows us to track the flow of website visitors from the pages they come in on, through the website and finally to the point of conversion. We...

Resource Activity Graphs

Notices About Resource Limits Likely Caused by Installatron

For several months now we have been dealing with client websites going down late at night and very early in the morning. At least once a week, many of our client websites have been going down for 1-3 minutes on average. These notifications can be scary for clients. It also the potential to disrupt SEO if any of the search engines try to crawl a downed website. After several months of calling tech support and trouble...

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