Email Upgrade

Email Upgrade

Update: Due to planned improvements with Rackspace Cloud Office products the decision was made to stay with Rackspace email and cloud services. We recently upgraded all email accounts from Rackspace Email to Rackspace Email Plus, which allows our clients to use ActiveSync to access their accounts. We did this because some clients had issues adding the email to their device(s) otherwise. This service has the additional benefit of allowing clients to synchronize contacts and...

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Privacy & The Law

Update: During the test drive of this product, we found this product was not the best approach and the product was never rolled out to managed websites. Read the update. I could have titled this "The Inconsistency of Online Privacy Law." Unfortunately, that is the problem, we need a clear legal outline that is a matter of steps to follow. However, currently, these laws are all over the place between nations and states, some...

Chill'n with coffee

The Great Revamp of 2022

Over the next few months, we plan to adopt services and technologies that we have been keeping an eye on since shortly after we began our journey. We have already taken advantage of advancements made by the software vendors that we already work with, such as new features from SiteOrigin that allow us to create an entirely different layout for individual page sections for mobile and desktop devices. We also added visual enhancements such...