Website Development

Website development is the foundation of your web presence. Your website is where consumers come face to face with your products and services. It is also the only place on the internet that you have complete control over the consumer’s experience with your brand.

New or Existing Websites

We can create a new website with WordPress or Shopify, or work with an existing website that uses one of these platforms.  Every website we build is optimized for search engines in order to provide clients with a more productive web presence. If you aren’t already using WordPress or Shopify, we can migrate your current website content. Furthermore, we will design your new website to remain consistent with your brand.

Website Development & Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization begins with your website’s development, and it continues through ongoing development as your website grows. Just a few things that can affect your website’s SEO are the file size of images, broken or out of date plugins and mobile readiness. There is a lot to continuing development and optimization that is required if you are going to compete online.

A Website In Progress

Websites are never “done”. SEO and consumer engagement require a continual flow of new content. If you are actively engaging in a productive web strategy, your website will grow over time. This requires ongoing maintenance and development to ensure the website is not only functioning but that it works well with all of your business’s web assets. Learn more about our Website Management Services, offered with our Monthly Plans. We know things come up unexpectedly, so we are always available when our clients need us.

Continue reading about our Content Marketing services to learn how we can help you grow your business’s web presence. Content Marketing is how we extend your reach to consumers through creating relevant content, and an important part of our overall Search Engine Optimization strategy.