Starting 2017 With More Social Networks

Starting 2017 With More Social Networks

Happy New Year! We are running full speed in to 2017 with expanded Social Network Management services. I want to take a moment of your time to go over the additional platforms we offer to manage as part of our monthly services, how we will be utilizing Social Networks, and how a cooperative approach can benefit your web presence.

Social Networks & Your Website

It is important that I mention how your website ties to your Social Network assets. We use the Jetpack plugin on all client websites. Jetpack provides a lot of functionality to websites, like the cool social buttons on pages and blog posts. Something else it does is automatically publish posts on your Social Network pages/accounts, and links back to the blog posts on your website. We configure websites like this to make efficient use of our time, but also so that we are always utilizing Social Networks to bring consumers back to the website, where we have control over the user experience and consumers have an opportunity to connect with your products/services.


We have been adding Twitter to our clients’ lists of web assets over the last few months. There is still some work that needs to be done on some profiles so they are complete and optimized. We are using a general publication brand that we are building to help introduce tweets to a broader audience but more work needs to be done here as well. Our goal with Twitter will be like most Social Networks. We want more followers, more interaction with our content, and ultimately generate interest in the client’s brand.

Clients are encouraged to participate on Twitter. There are a lot of local businesses on Twitter and the interactions on Twitter are generally friendly and easy. Twitter has a social dynamic that promotes a kind of “help me and I’ll help you” atmosphere. Following another company will result in them following you, most of the time. The same applies to retweeting. Retweeting for another business will usually be reciprocated.


Google is in the process restructuring Google+ and we don’t yet have a timeline or insight into what the final outcome will look like in relation to Google Business listings. At this point, business listings automatically generate a Google+ page. As long as this remains the case, we will be utilizing Google+ as another point of exposure.

We encourage clients to also participate on Google+. Interacting with users and gaining followers is similar to Facebook. Google says they will not be abandoning the platform and they will continue adding features, so we will keep you informed on any changes when we become aware of them. You can read more about this at


Pinterest provides us with some local SEO opportunities that other Social Networks don’t offer. This platform focuses on images of all types or demographics, topics, and interests. A lot of images that we haven’t been able to utilize for our clients due to image sizes can now be useful for this platform. Mandy is taking the lead on this part of our service so please feel free to contact her if you have any questions about how to make the most of this network, or if you haven’t received your Pinterest account information.

Pinterest is all about visually appealing aesthetics so your pictures will help us drive traffic back to your website. Because Pinterest is all about images, we are counting on clients to provide as many pictures as possible that are relevant to their business. Please take as many pictures as possible. Be sure to email them to us or log in to your WordPress website, go to the Media > Library and upload your images. Please let us know when you upload new images.

We look forward to bringing your brand to even more consumers in 2017! Hasta que publiquemos de nuevo…

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