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Technical SEO & Everything Else We’ve Been Up To

This year so far has been very busy for us. We’ve taken on a lot of new accounts and we’ve been keeping up with a small slice of more than 1,600 new changes in search. We’ve also been keeping our eye on Google’s impending implementation of a mobile first index. This post is all about what we are doing about these changes and the technical SEO side of things. Website security has become a primary...

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We’re Bringing Affordable Web Presence Management To Small Business With Proven Results

Let’s talk about your small business on the web. How Website Management Can Help Small Business Do-It-Yourself websites are great if your goal is to run a failing business. Your competitors are paying to show up in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, which ultimately places their brand in the right place when consumers are ready to spend money. Small businesses that want to succeed today must take an active role in their internet...

$400 SEO Friendly Websites - Limited Time Offer

$400 SEO Friendly Websites – Limited Time Offer

As we close in on our first year in business, we already have clients that rank #1 for several of their target keyword phrases, and we are still offering new websites or website makeovers for $400! You can get a professionally designed website that is SEO ready in just a few days for less than you’ll pay anywhere else unless you do it yourself. Spring Break Isn’t Too Late For SEO Building It’s not...

Online Business Listings 101

Online Business Listings 101

Online business listings are an important asset for any company that aims to target local consumers. There are plenty of reasons your local business should be taking advantage of the online business listing services, and we are going to dive into some of those reasons for you. We are also going to go over which of these fall under our managed services, and what steps you can take as part of a cooperative approach to...

WordPress Management

Getting Started With WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System or, “CMS”. It is one of the most popular platforms for building and managing websites. Furthermore, WordPress is also the industry standard for most of the companies that offer website management and SEO services. The popularity and ubiquitous nature of WordPress is one of the leading reasons we use this platform. Using WordPress also ensures we are providing clients with a website they can understand, and participate in building upon....

Starting 2017 With More Social Networks

Starting 2017 With More Social Networks

Happy New Year! We are running full speed in to 2017 with expanded Social Network Management services. I want to take a moment of your time to go over the additional platforms we offer to manage as part of our monthly services, how we will be utilizing Social Networks, and how a cooperative approach can benefit your web presence. Social Networks & Your Website It is important that I mention how your website ties...

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